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Customize hand-crafted leather case for world consumers

From 2010 year, along with IPHONE 4’s birth, TOPUN recognized that protecting case for smart phone, tablet pc and e-reader would become hot seller in consumed electronic peripheral field.


2012 year, TOPUN realized the trend of IPAD leather case creation will be upgrade material quality and close with world fashion vogue. High consumption people in the world like extractive and excellent hand-crafted leather products better, not like plastic products which are already mass production by molding machine. In fact, all people prefer those which can bring resonance to their own clothes, working environment, life way.


TOPUN customize crown leather and PU leather case for world famous brand EBOOK reader, such as kindle, nook, kobo and SONY. For any EBOOK reader model, we can supply numerous designs, based on difference of devices, develop matched inner structure, to achieve protect device properly, and take individuality to them.


We get highly appreciation and good reputation from North America and European customer in out looking design, structure solution, material usage and prompt lead time.


In order to meet the requirements in PC, TPU, Silicone and many mixed material for IPHONE cases, TOPUN open high precision mould independently. TOPUN's unique designs incarnate in water transfer printing, heat transfer printing, and get synchronization between crown leather, PU, and micro fiber etc. With molding products, finally supply satisfied individual products for you.