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It’s the 10th Time that Topun attended CeBIT continuously

The biggest and grandICT event CEBIT was opened on 6th March, 2012 in Germany. This is the 10th time that Topun attended the event.


Under the situation of EU economic crisis andCNY consistent appreciation, as well as labor cost and raw material costincrease for Chinamanufacturing industry, people don’t look positively at the trading business atall. The attendees of CEBIT this year was far less than that of previousseasons.


“Trying very hard to explore the markets ofSouth America, Africa and other developedcountries and also trying very hard to reduce cost price” is the main theme ofthe manufacturing industry. However, Topun deems the EU and American marketsare as important as other emerging markets under the depressing global economy.No matter what kind of economic situation we are in, consistent creation andinnovation of products that can meet customers’ needs is the principle ofdevelopment and survival of a company.


This year Topun begins carrying out its GlobalBrand Strategy. Meanwhile, Topun also stresses the importance of customizationfrom customers of developed areas. We will present our customers (both old andnew) with creative products with all-new brand image, high efficiency,fashionable deep-in customization and thoughtful service.


On the fair, we met more new branded customersfrom EU, USA and Russia etc. They areattracted by Topun’s innovation of new products. They also make Topununderstand that, the best way to break downturn is to provide consumers withcreative and nice consumer electronic products. Our profound communication andon-line customization service at scene makes customers amazed!


As a 20 years’ historic company engaged inglobal trading and manufacture, Topun is more internationalized in 2012. Ourtarget is “Help clients to be competitive and advanced in local market.Constantly support them in success!”